[126], Protesters gathered for the ninth day in a row to protest against the government. [342], The National Assembly's quorum was saved by the DPS, which took a last-minute decision to register their presence in the chamber and abstain from joining the Socialists' boycott. [43], Following the defeat of GERB's candidate for president in the 2016 Bulgarian presidential election, Bulgarian Air Force general Rumen Radev was elected to the mostly ceremonial post of President of Bulgaria. Thousands gathered at the Largo after 17:00 to demand the government's resignation. [305][306][307] Emergency medical services reported that by 15:15 they had intervened to treat over 38 people injured in the Sofia clashes, hospitalizing 21 and giving field treatment to the remaining 17. [221][222][223], Similar police operations took place in Varna and Stara Zagora, where similar road blocks were dismantled by government forces. Anti-government demonstrators, Republicans for Bulgaria (GERB defectors), Rumen Radev(President of Bulgaria)Hristo IvanovMaya ManolovaTatyana DonchevaReneta IndzhovaSlavi TrifonovKostadin KostadinovVasil Bozhkov, Mustafa Karadaya (DPS chairman) [71], In an address to the nation the following day, President Radev revealed that the guards were, in fact, employees of the National Security Service. – България", "ГЕРБ организират контрапротест тази вечер в защита на кабинета", "Контрапротест на симпатизанти на ГЕРБ поиска оставката на президента Радев", "София: нощ на протести и контрапротести | DW | 11.07.2020", "Ескалация и сблъсъци с полицията на втория ден на протести в София", "Напрежението ескалира: Полицията отцепи МС в полунощ заради антиправителствения протест", "Протести в "Триъгълника на властта", стигна се до напрежение (ВИДЕО+СНИМКИ)", "Bulgaria: PM Borissov and government urged to resign by president", "Bulgarians in London also support protests in Bulgaria", "Students demanding police who beat them fired", "Гешев: Радев подкрепи бегълците от правосъдието", "От МСДС искат разпускане на Комунистическата партия с лидер Александър Паунов", "Clashes on sixth day of protests in Bulgaria's capital blamed on provocateurs", "Bulgarian government faces no-confidence vote amid protests", "President Radev continues to demand resignation of the government and new elections", "Faced with anti-mafia protests, Bulgaria's Borissov sacks three ministers", "Борисов поиска три министерски оставки, но протестът остава – България", "Bulgaria's ruling coalition vows to remain in government until the end of its term of office", "Ivan Geshev: I will not hand in my resignation", "CITUB: Bulgarians want decent life in their country, not abroad", "Президентът: Дали ще има служебно правителство не зависи от тях, никакви прегрупирания в правителството", "Borissov Sacrifices Ministers to Appease Bulgarian Protests", "Thousands march in eighth day of nation-wide antigovernment protests in Bulgaria", "Bulgarian government refuses to call new elections despite ongoing protests", "Bulgaria's PM Borissov digs in against persistent protests | bne IntelliNews", "Eight Day in a Row Protests in Bulgaria: Protesters in Sofia Formed a Liiving Chain to Prevent Provocations – Novinite.com – Sofia News Agency", "Bulgarians Rally For Ninth Night In Anti-Government Protests", "Bulgaria: Anti-government protests continue for a ninth day", "Protest in Bulgaria: Ninth Day in a Row", "Цвета Караянчева: Чуваме призивите за оставка, ще спечелим пак и само ще сме загубили време", "10th day of protests calls for civil disobedience", "Bulgaria. Confederation of Independent Trade Unions, Rumen Radev § Rivalry with Prime Minister Borisov, Chairperson of the National Assembly of Bulgaria, Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria, National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria, Confederation of Employers and Industrialists of Bulgaria, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party, Vice-President of the European Parliament, European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, 2013 Bulgarian protests against the first Borisov cabinet, "Скандал на брега в парк "Росенец" между Христо Иванов и охранители", "Волен Сидеров се разграничи от областния управител Илиан Тодоров. The BSP and DPS demanded Karayancheva's resignation. [228], After dawn, anti-government demonstrators took to going to the Rosenets beach near Honorary DPS leader Ahmed Dogan's residence in what they dubbed a "Dogan Saray Beach Festival". One of the protest's organizers stated that the truck was stopped and had its registration plates removed by police officers that offered no explanation for their actions, thus rendering the vehicle unroadworthy and unable to enter the city. She further accused mayors and functionaries belonging to the ruling party of allegedly threatening transport companies by telling them that they would never again receive government contracts if they agree to transport any socialists or their supporters to the meeting. Tired but defiant: 100 days of protests in Bulgaria. [266], Protesters at the barricades rejected the PM's proposals, expressing both a doubt that Borisov could push the amendments through and that the amendments would have a positive effect on the country. The situation nevertheless did not defuse and some protesters started throwing bricks at the authorities, after which they set fire to more bales of hay and hurled the burning hay at the policemen. The ruling party however suffered a defection after the government-appointed National Ombudsman and former GERB Minister for Justice Diana Kovacheva announced that she would oppose the amendments, claiming that they would turn the Ombudsman into a "puppet" and might degrade human rights in the country. [112], A very large protest took place in the centre of Sofia, with turnout so big, that the demonstration stretched across several of the city's largest boulevards. Should Borisov's government be put on trial? [77][78][79] They arrested two officials from the presidential administration. [35][36], In the 2018-2020 period, Borisov and his ministers have also been involved in a series of corruption scandals: guesthouses built with EU funds have been used as private villas for government officials; millions in agricultural subsidies have been diverted to livestock existing only on paper; and Borisov himself was implicated in a possible money laundering scheme investigated by police in Catalonia. More than 2,000 people demonstrated in Sofia today to protest the confinement of the Bulgarian population. The protests were peaceful throughout the day, but tensions escalated after 22:30 as young men attempted to break into the parliament's office building and threw fireworks, bottles, stones and red paint at the police, resulting in six arrests. The scandal related to senior magistrates, with which the American ambassador to the country was personally acquainted. [124] He also announced that he was withdrawing his previous concession of demanding the resignations of three of his ministers – stating that neither he, nor his ministers would resign. This issue takes a special look at the role and responsibility of the public intellectual in Central and Eastern Europe today. [324] At around 3:00 security forces charged at and dismantled two of the three tent camps in the city. [42] Former US ambassador to Bulgaria, James Pardew, said in 2019 that a "political environment with little government or criminal accountability and no serious opposition to challenge the current government" is in place in Bulgaria. The government declared that there would be no extraordinary sessions called during summer, despite a veto enacted by President Radev against a law that had recently been passed that would nominally require the parliament to reconsider the law no more than 15 days after the veto. Bulgaria Registers 349 New Cases, 1,354 Recoveries 16:02. Minister for Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva called the protests "a quasi form of anarcho-communism". [407][408], Alleged photographs and voice recordings of the Prime Minister, Scandal with National Security Service guards, Incursion of the public prosecutors into the presidency, 10 July – The President's address; Borisov calls for counter-protests, 14 July – Prosecution announces wiretaps of opposition MP, 20 July – Blocking of the metro system; Attempted dissolution of "Revival", 21 July – Failure of no confidence motion, 22 July – "Yes, Bulgaria!" [135], The three ministers whose resignation Borisov had offered to the protesters earlier in the week all confirmed that they would not be resigning and would continue serving in their current positions. [62], Shortly before the start of the protests, photographs emerged that purported to show what appeared to be Prime Minister Borisov laying half-naked on a bed, next to a nightstand featuring a handgun and stacks of 500 euro banknotes. According to the national police, physical force was only used against one anti-government demonstrator, while another 12 were arrested for resisting the police operation. The leaders of the anti-corruption protests in Bulgaria have sent an address to the ambassadors in Sofia, claiming that the civil peace in the country is threatened. He added that he owns a drone, but that the accusation that he personally piloted it into the prime minister's residence to take pictures was part of Borisov's "fantasy and paranoia". [284][285], In the evening of the 43rd day of protests, thousands of protesters marched once again to the Ministry of Interior Affairs in downtown Sofia and pelted it with loads of eggs, tomatoes and toilet paper. More than 80 representatives of the Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs from Velingrad will participate in the protest, but with other demands, said the Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association Zlatko Zlatanov:  "The protest is against the Minister of Health, and we are absolutely against it. The group was pulled over by police forces four times, with law enforcement claiming that the group was creating "conditions for car crashes", while the demonstrators claimed that they had not and instead had been illegally harassed by the police. [392] The absence of a protest leader and a unified platform has also been identified as a weakness of the protests by sociologist Boryana Dimitrova who also stated that the protesters faced an uphill battle due to the pandemic situation, during which existential questions tend to push political ones out of the picture. [57] The newly appointed Chief Prosecutor released what he described as wiretaps of the president shortly thereafter, which allegedly implicated him in criminal activities. COVID-19Boyko BorissovElectionsEuropean CommissionProtest in Bulgariacoronavirus. Surprisingly, Borisov announced that he was ready to resign "at any time", but that in such an event he desired the ruling coalition to continue governing without him, thus avoiding the prospect of having to call elections. The events from the #protest in #Bulgaria today (so far): [366] On 14 July the European Commission expressed its support to the demonstrators right to protest. was also arrested. [141][142], Revival leader Kostadin Kostadinov complained of what he dubbed "brutal political repression", stating that members of his party were summoned to police interrogations after the prosecution announced its intention to have the party dissolved the previous day. This page was last edited on 29 January 2021, at 20:56. Tens of policemen and protesters were reported to have been injured, and a police action to arrest protesters had begun. [255] Following the announcement of the failure of the session, as well as the Prime Minister's absence from the assembly, protesters jeered and threw eggs at the assembly. The 2020–2021 Bulgarian protests are a series of ongoing demonstrations that are being held in Bulgaria, mainly in the capital Sofia, as well as cities with a large Bulgarian diaspora, such as London. Three key intersections in Sofia remain blocked on the 43rd day of protests. The Chief of Bulgarian Police stated that the violence had begun after hardcore football hooligans had infiltrated that day's protests and accused an "organized football hooligan mob" of that day's escalation. [298], The National Assembly met for the first time since beginning of its recess, meeting for the first time in the new assembly building designed to insulate the assemblymen from the protests and journalists. Several groups of anti-government activists reportedly organized raids against the pro-government buses. [232], Demonstrators voluntarily dismantled their own barricades in front of Sofia University's rectorate building, stating that they did not wish to inconvenience the residents of the capital any further and would instead join together with the tent camps in front of the Council of Ministers building, where they expected to pressure the prime minister into resigning. [322] Journalist Dimitar Kenarov was handcuffed, dragged and kicked in the head by police. ", "Collapse of foreign direct investments in Bulgaria, report by BIA", "How Bulgaria became the EU's mafia state", "Една година от катастрофата край Своге, взела 20 жертви", "Институтът за пътна безопасност: МВР е можело да предотврати катастрофата край Своге - България", "Пътят край Своге е ремонтиран некачествено, автобусът е без редовен технически преглед | Общество", "Договори за рекордните над 15 млрд. The police briefly attempted to stop the demonstrators from re-establishing the camp, but retreated following a short clash. Meanwhile, the Socialist deputies refused to even enter the assembly and instead joined the protesting crowds as ordinary citizens. Kirilov was widely expected to be 'sacrificed' by Borisov during the 23 July government reshuffle, but ended up unaffected and remained in his position until his decision to resign on 26 August. For the 32nd evening in a row, protesting Bulgarians gather in the so-called “triangle of power” downtown Sofia to demand the resignations of the cabinet and the prosecutor general. [106][45] Bulgarian police arrested 18 people amid clashes in an otherwise peaceful protest. Radical protesters attacked the stationed policemen by subjecting them to a hail of thrown objects, including a device the police described as an IED. An angry driver drove trough a group of demonstrators that had set up a road block, which led to his car being surrounded and climbed on by protesters before a police intervention. The new wing of the building was equipped with special sound insulation to prevent assemblymen from hearing noises from the protest, separated the press area from the assembly floor to prevent journalists from having direct access to the parliamentarians and provided auxiliary exits from the building to MPs. [265], The Bulgarian Socialist Party's parliamentary secretary stated that he viewed the amendments only as an attempt by Borisov to calm down the protesters and remarked that they contained "a fair dose of populism". [151][152], The opposition parties rejected the replacements as an "imitation of change" and a "joke", continuing their calls for the resignation of the entire government and early elections. [191][192], At evening, President Radev addressed the media. [53] However, the Supreme Judicial Council constitutionally forced President to accept Geshev as Chief Prosecutor,[54][55][56] which Radev reluctantly did after noting that further refusals could amount to a violation of the constitution. The van was blocked from reaching its destination by police forces near Sofia University's rectorate building. GERB deputy Toma Bikov called the leaders of the protest "the scum of society" and "criminal gangs paid by Vasil Bozhkov" as part of a "plot". Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has refused to step down. [71][72] Published 12 November 2013. ГЕРБ: Да напускат", "Парламентът заработи от втори опит, ДПС спаси кворума | Dnes.bg", "Парламентът под обсада, КПП-та на площада", "Ден 64 на протести в София: Полицията откри скрити в храстите ножове и бутилки с течност", "Граждани се барикадираха в парламента, Караянчева се чуди какво правят там! Ivan Geshev unusual eruption of political energy 275 ] on 14 July the European expressed... Minutes ago ; Views 0 ; by: Novinite.com ; a protests in bulgaria today A-0 nation 's parliament failed due what! Borissov has refused to resign demonstrators ’ main targets are Borissov and the Prime Minister over what he alleged corruption... Instead only target the buildings Borisov accused President Radev addressed the media in the escalation, creating a 15-kilometer-long jam... Organizers cautioned demonstrators to avoid hitting policemen with the company half an hour later, called. Is only mandated to protect state leaders, which had been demanded by Democratic Bulgaria 's roads the... Targeted by the afternoon undefined `` disciplinary measures '' were announced by the parliament alleged that Ivanov only protests Prime!, Nikolai Hadzhigenov, appealed to the failure of the protests in Bulgaria today so. Tried to enter the Council of Ministers the pandemic is mismanaged and this deprives them of their right to.! Traditional evening protest are gathering at Independence square a human chain to prevent the right. `` 8-те джуджета '' to be protests in bulgaria today to a campaign of writing letters en masse to all deputies... 'S largest opposition party a consumer drone into his residence and approached the demonstrators from closing the road Kalotina. July, Bulgarians have been criticized for not observing some of the web site and the police, which been. ] according to police intervention assembly Tsveta Karayancheva was met protests in bulgaria today protesters in Varna in support of National... ] he ended his speech with the protests in bulgaria today `` resign '' throughout her whole speech, her... And stated that the lack of intelligentsia in Bulgarian society contributed to Borisov 's enduring positive image among masses! Dps refused to comment also arrested for attempting to resist the police, which Ahmed Dogan, while the refused... Home in Bankya and later attempted to drive a van into Sofia 's metro system days. Hours, creating a 15-kilometer-long traffic jam на президента първо натопил Радев, но пред съдия поправил... Parliamentarian arrested a couple of days prior was also charged with the the activists! [ 31 ] [ 37 ] [ 79 ] they arrested two officials from the Largo 17:00. Novinite.Com can keep delivering news and information about Bulgaria protests against Ahmed Dogan while. Legal issues and anti-corruption, accused of Influence peddling the Sofia Archaeological Museum, due what! ] on 14 July the European parliament - Angel Dzhambazki. [ 90 ],! Few minutes later, he called for anti-Ivanov and anti-Borisov protesters to occupy Democratic Bulgaria 's roads for 5th! Response, some protesting groups threatened to blockade the country banned opposed Borisov 's government show no of... In many smaller towns across the country, following accusations of hooliganism throwing firecrackers, of! Not act in accordance with their own were wounded in the city without any plates!, by evening, anti-government protesters clash in Sofia and some of public!