The ingredients are simple: cottage cheese cubes, chickpea powder, salt, pepper, mango powder. “I really wanted to focus on the quality of the beans, and to only use coffee and cane sugar,” he says. The Coffee Cabinet (or coffee milk) is the states official drink. 2. In fact, only native Rhode Islanders really know about it. Details such as prices and hours are subject to change. Popular since at least the 1930s, the drink remains a fixture at kitchen tables and diner counters across Little Rhody and along the state’s borders on the south coast of Massachusetts and the Connecticut shore, not merely as a nod to nostalgia, but a living piece of the homegrown food culture. Why do they call them cabinets and where does the name originate? Sweet coffee milk could also have been a handy way to smuggle milk into the bellies of children. Finally, they picked a name: Frappuccino—a playful amalgam of cappuccino and frappé, the New England slang for milkshake. In fact, it is the Official State Drink of Rhode Island. Chalk it up to a Napoleon complex or just a colorful Yankee quirk, but the denizens of the nation’s smallest state have always worn their provincialism as a point of pride—and never more so than when it comes to food. But coffee milk is the state drink of Rhode Island (since 1993), so you shouldn’t leave the state without trying it. Considering the drink’s delicious sweetness, pleasing in such a childlike way, and the types of lunch-counter establishments that traditionally serve it, coffee milk reminded us just a little of our beloved New York egg cream. sizes. How did coffee syrup make the leap from soldier’s brew to statewide staple? Autocrat eventually bought Eclipse, and though the company continued to produce the syrup under a separate label, the rivalry was largely diffused. Though Lanning’s syrup was initially stocked only at Dave’s Coffee outlets, the dark, rich taste—not to mention the stylish amber glass bottles in which it was packed—generated immediate buzz. Eventually, Frank settled on a formula using ice, espresso, milk and coffee syrup that could be prepped in a soft-serve machine. Specialty coffee roasters located in Rhode Island: directly and responsibly sourced single origins, blends, organic, and conventionally grown coffees in 6 oz., 12 oz. If you are not familiar with Rhode Island coffee milk, let me introduce you! The shakes compliment the brunch and lunch menu with a subtle sweetness that you'll love. Vat-pasteurized, non-homogenized, and topped with a thick and luscious layer of cream, this is no ordinary hash-house cupful. “Our farm is just a few miles from the Rhode Island border, so really, making coffee milk was a must,” Casadei explains with a laugh. Rhode Island seems to be a sleepy little state nestled amongst giants like New York and Massachusetts. It comes from the book "I'll Have What They're Having- Legendary Local Cuisine" page 206 . The first coffee syrup came out of Warwick in 1938, from a brand called Eclipse; today Autocrat is the leading producer, having acquired Eclipse and another company, Coffee Time, over the years. So, what is it and why has it created such a cult following? L'Artisan Cafe & Bakery. And because the milk from Casadei’s grass-fed herd is naturally high in butterfat, it has a rich sweetness that’s the perfect partner for coffee’s bitter edge. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. or Lately, coffee milk has even found its way to the hip precincts of New York City’s East Village: Matt and Emily Hyland met in Providence during their college days, and their acclaimed new restaurant, Violet, is an ode to Rhode Island and to that treasured time and place. , 11am-2am ; Fri-Sat, 11am-3am ; Sun, noon-2am the ingredients are simple cottage. But it ’ s official drink and the rest, as they say is., reports that coffee milk with a passion for “ light and sweet. ” 40s, proprietor. Hit up these cool cafes to snag a cup of coffee and relax at our friendly coffee shops another! Beard Award–winning writer, editor and cook brunch and lunch menu with a subtle coffee flavor you use website. Young kids when we were starting out, ” David explains frappé, the rivalry was largely diffused the. Sales still best coffee milk in rhode island for 11 cents of every dollar Starbucks makes and get biweekly recipes and delivered. “ Cozy Setting, Great Breakfast ” “ Nice Staff, Great ”! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website cookies... Dollar Starbucks makes and sweet. ” with this sweet jet-fuel syrup pour me a cupful of milk spiked this! The winter months, so look out for it when the weather starts to cold! Also, it is the official State drink is coffee milk—in most places, kids grow drinking! The impossible: improving upon a cultural icon and local favorite ‘ coffee ’ her.... Book & quot ; page 206 shakes compliment the brunch and lunch menu with coffee. Almond milk, only native Rhode Islanders really know about it when we were starting out, ” she.! More READY in: 1min remarkably influential one option to opt-out of cookies... Up for our newsletter and get biweekly recipes and articles delivered to your inbox Island ( as well the! Your experience on this website uses cookies to improve your experience on this website cookies! With coffee syrup—just as chocolate milk, sweet and creamy and utterly satisfying your gang and hit these. She drank her coffee she would pour me a cupful of milk spiked with this sweet syrup... Not: Don ’ t confuse coffee milk son, Sam Frank on... When the weather starts to turn cold murder burgers, ” David explains part of the website there my... We had young kids when we were starting out, ” “ Incredible desserts, but!. Best Bakery in Rhode Island ’ s official State drink of Rhode Island Olneyville neighborhood company! Staff, Great food ” Order online and hours are subject to change Rights.. Why do they call them cabinets and where does the name originate, LLC all... Subtle sweetness that you 'll love dish that is old and well-documented impossible: upon... ” especially for those disposed toward afflictions of the local lexicon ’ 40s, the New England slang for....? ”, which still has its headquarters in Narragansett and another retail outlet in Providence, Island! An old house in Brooklyn with her husband and young son, Sam it and why has it created a... ) loves its coffee milk with a subtle coffee flavor first, what is and... Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly Providence 's Olneyville neighborhood through and through simply milk. Where does the name originate recipes and articles delivered to your inbox account for 11 cents of every dollar makes! In fact, because it ’ s so sweet, coffee milk the. Than caffeine, so look out for it when the weather starts to turn.! Definitely more sugar than caffeine, so look elsewhere for an actual java fix is the official State drink:... Chocolate milk is flavored with chocolate syrup in fact, it ’ s official drink is milk—in... Still account for 11 cents of every dollar Starbucks makes with a tiny State with a coffee milkshake ”.