But the crew of the Orville — the spaceship captained by MacFarlane’s character, Ed — find themselves in a bit of a pickle when two Moclan crew … In an apparent deus ex machina at the end of the trial, the Orville’s crew arrives with a famous Moclan literary hero who is revealed to be a woman. With Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes. “Deflectors” The Orville Season 2, Episode 7 – Aired Thursday, February 14th, 2019 Written by David A. Goodman Directed by Seth MacFarlane. Anyway, it's a tough subject. Todd was a Moclan ambassador in The Orville, guesting alongside F. Murray Abraham in an episode centered around a refugee colony for Moclan females. Moclan is the name of the Bortus’ species, and Humberto also appeared in Primal Urges, which was a Bortus-centered episode. Directed by Jonathan Frakes. Humberto Montalvo is listed as playing Moclan by the Orville wikia. The third episode begins with the Moclan tradition of changing this baby’s gender. Moclan Culture Allows The Orville To Tackle Modern Social Issues In A Unique Way. Ed discovers that Moclans aboard the Orville are harboring a secret. Four hundred years in the future, the mid-level spaceship USS Orville explores outer space, while also dealing with the problems of everyday life. The Orville is an American science fiction comedy-drama television series created by and starring Seth MacFarlane as series protagonist Ed Mercer, an officer in the Planetary Union's line of exploratory space vessels in the 25th century.. Other Star Trek Actors In The Orville Philip Anthony-Rodriguez - Juan in Enterprise 's second season and Fadolin in The Orville . As we know, the Moclan race in Orville is entirely male, and in the last few minutes of episode two, it was revealed that First Officer Klyden’s child was female. Again, being "female" (whatever that means) in Moclan society just seems like a defect—it shouldn't be a platform for human civil rights discussion. We'd need more information about the difference between male and female Moclans to see if some universal "sentient life" standard would apply. J. Paul Boehmer. That's extremely rare. Krill High Priest / Navarian Ambassador (2 episodes, 2017-2019)