Durga and Dr. Dayal rush to the farmhouse, where the doctor informs them that he failed to inject Payal with tranquiliser. The show tracks the journey of Durga as she attempts … How will he react? Meanwhile, Aakash hands over evidence of Raima and Rajnath's affair to Jatin, for free. home tags ek hasina thi episode 2. tag: ek hasina thi episode 2. starlife; a perfect lie teasers march 2020. tellylover-march 1, 2020. Later, after sending a friend request to Durga, Shaurya decides to take her out for lunch. Durga confronts Shekhar for not inviting her for his wedding. Meanwhile, Dev vows to prove Nitya and Payal’s innocence. Meanwhile, Durga decides to reveal Rajnath's illicit affair with Raima to Sakshi. Durga decides to provoke Shaurya, Sakshi and Rajnath against each other. Dev decides to learn about Nitya’s whereabouts. Dev learns that Payal changed her statements in the court. On reading a letter found in Mathur’s house, Sakshi learns of his deceit and vows to destroy him. However, on hearing Shaurya’s ringtone, Payal recalls his misdeed against her. [31][32], This article is about the 2014 TV series. Meanwhile, Aakash shows Nitya’s death certificate to Sakshi. Meanwhile, Shaurya’s friends suspect Dev’s hand in exposing him. Aakash thanks Durga for helping him and reveals that he earlier wanted to inform her about Divya’s whereabouts. In a bid to move Raima's case to a fast track court, Rajnath meets a politician, Mr. Basu. Ridere Kristiansen. Now Nitya is back as Durga and wants to get revenge on the Goenka family, she starts to destroy everyone who had made her suffer. Meanwhile, Rajnath and Sakshi find out about Shaurya slitting his wrist. Dr Dayal introduces Neil to the Goenkas. An infuriated Anuradha refuses to attend Karan's marriage. Durga reaches there. He also informs Dev about Nitya’s death. home tags ek hasina thi episode 2. tag: ek hasina thi episode 2. starlife; a perfect lie teasers march 2020. tellylover-march 1, 2020. Usman Gani. Karan informs Tarun that he has witnessed Divya's spirit. Aakash informs the same to Dr. Dayal, who manages the situation when Sakshi tries to cross-check. Following the episode, Payal suffers a nervous breakdown. Sakshi and Durga are taken aback when they learn that Payal is missing from the hospital. Later, she asks Sakshi to resign. He forces Rajnath to appoint him. What is it? Dr Dayal assures Durga about Dev's innocence. Durga informs Suchitra that she too, transferred her share of the Goenka Industries shares to Dev. Later, he sneaks into the hospital to retrieve Payal’s records. Will Shaurya think he is not fit to get married? Ek Hasina Thi (English: There was a beautiful woman) is a Crime thriller television series created by Cinevistaas Limited for the channel Star Plus from 14 April 2014 to 20 December 2014. Will Rajnath attend it? Sakshi reveals Arun Mukherjee’s identity to Shaurya. Raima’s condition worsens, and Rajnath panics after she slips into coma. Meanwhile, Jatin reveals Rajnath and Raima's affair to Sakshi. Shaurya requests Durga to marry him, but in vain. Like Singh’s, Ayub Khan's role too is well-sketched and projected with ease. Ek Hasina Thi season 1 episode 2 Party invite for Rajnath : Dr. Dayal, who wants to bring Shaurya to justice, informs his daughter, Durga, to befriend the Goenka family. Share. On learning that Shaurya might die, if he marries her, Durga breaks the engagement. MENU The show ends on a cliffhanger. Eventually Dev gets acquitted from the case and finds out about Durga's real identity but hides this from her until she tells to him herself. Mr. Basu informs Anuradha about Karans proposed marriage with Kangana and requests her to return to the house. Durga informs Shaurya that Bagchi wants to see him first, after his operation. Dr Dayal warns Durga to stay alert during the party. Dayal comes to her and asks her not to be sentimental. Dev believes that Nitya is alive. © 2021 - ApneVideo StarPlus Old Serials. TeleBuzz. On learning that Bagchi was a witness in Shaurya’s case, Sakshi threatens him that he will not be able to meet his daughter, Divya. Sakshi refuses stating that Durga does not hold shares of the company. They throw Shekhar out, but Durga confronts the Goenkas for allowing him to question her identity. To distract Dev from Payal’s case, Suchitra asks him to take up the responsibility of her school. Shaurya’s condition continues to frustrate him as a few guests mock his condition. Durga misleads Shekhar about her identity and challenges him to prove her true identity within 24 hours. What is the intention behind hosting the party? Later, Rajnath tries to search for the evidence against him in Sakshi's cupboard. Sakshi and Rajnath find out about the same. Usman Gani. Dr Dayal reveals to Dev that Nitya is alive. She also informs Shaurya that she is aware of what he did to Payal. He hands over details of the goons, whom he had hired to kill Nitya. The Goenkas got scared and tried to kill Nitya in an accident in which she lost her face, and needed to immediately be cured with the help of a surgery that would change her face. The priest recalls his misdeed and apologises. SCHEDULE : MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI,SAT. Will Durga succeed in her plans? Will she succeed? Ek Hasina Thi 18th November 2014 FULL EPISODE | Dev FINALLY KNOWS that Durga is Nitya. Later, Sakshi learns that Dr. Dayal paid an artist to disguise as the journalist. [30] It was also dubbed into Sinhalese as "Sulanga Wage Awidin" on Hiru TV. Sakshi confronts Dev for not informing her about Payal’s whereabouts. Will he survive the attack? Will she succeed? Durga is out to avenge the crimes committed by Shaurya, a playboy and the scion of the powerful Goenka family of Kolkata. But the problem here is that there is no thrill in this thriller. While Dr Dayal performs his daughter’s death anniversary rituals, Sakshi requests him to reconsider his decision of withdrawing support from the project. Sakshi sends texts to Dev from Raima’s phone. Raima congratulates Durga, while Rajnath and Sakshi are shocked to see Shaurya there! What will Durga do to avenge Shaurya? He says see your death is standing infront of you. Shaurya tells her he was framed. Durga and Shaurya learn that Bagchi’s eyesight could be restored. 1:17. Later, Durga’s associate collides with Shaurya, deliberately. However, he lies to Sakshi about Durga being unaware about the same. Ek Hasina Thi Ek Diwana Tha Full Video Song - Sister Sridevi Odia Movie - Babushan, Sivani ¦ Sad Odia Song - Odia Film Video. 0:28. Rajnath pretends to care for Suchitra and apologises to her for his mistakes. Durga suspects Dev’s hand in protecting witnesses, who were in favour of Shaurya. Dr. Dayal informs Durga that he has assured Dev that Nitya will be meeting him on her birthday. Rajnath tries to mend his relationship with Suchitra, but in vain. Dr. Dayal promises Dev of reuniting him with Nitya, if he agrees to marry Durga. But the characters seem edgy most of the time which doesn’t look very convincing and the performance of the lead actors is not standing out as yet. Meanwhile, … At the Goenka house, Dr. Dayal, Durga and Sakshi discuss about the wedding with a priest. Later, Sakshi asks the jailed priest not to reveal the secret. Durga tells Shaurya that Dr Dayal is against their relationship. Ganguly fires Nandini from her job. Meanwhile, in a bid to get intimate with Durga, Shaurya drugs her in a disco. Later, Sakshi learns Shaumik acquired Payal’s medical records. Meanwhile, Shaurya receives a threat call. Sakshi, who finds Raima’s message in Rajnath’s phone, tells him to get Shaurya married to Sagarika. Rajnath and Sakshi try to convince Suchitra to handover the land. He hands over details of the goons, whom he had hired to kill Nitya. Will she be caught? Durga and Dr. Dayal brief the fake priest and Aakash about their plan. Meanwhile, Mr. Rajnath Goenka donates money to Mr. Das for Durga puja, and wishes to make the first offering. He instructs the hotel manager to mix a drug in the food. Aakash ignores Durga’s call while performing namaz. To get information about Nitya, Sakshi meets Navin Mathur in jail. Durga instigates Dev against Shaurya and decides to show Nitya’s diary to Dev. Ek Hasina Thi 9th August 2014 Ek Hasina Thi Kii Success Par Celebration. What happens next? Dev questions Durga for visiting Nitya’s house in search of Payal. While trying to get up, Shaurya panics as he feels that his lower body is paralysed. Durga tries to prove Dev innocent. Meanwhile, Shaurya has a nightmare, and falls off his cot. Dr Dayal introduces Durga to Neil. Durga receives 10 per cent share of the foundation. How will Durga react to this? Sakshi learns about Shaurya’s plan to leave the hospital. It is not a revenge story but a story of the female protagonist, Durga, seeking justice for a crime committed in the past. In the meantime, Divya is kidnapped and the kidnapper informs the same to Sakshi and Aakash. Durga is out to avenge the crimes committed by Shaurya, a playboy and the scion of the powerful Goenka family of Kolkata. Ek Hasina Thi Ek Diwana Tha Full Video Song - Sister Sridevi Odia Movie - Babushan, Sivani ¦ Sad Odia Song - Odia Film Video. Meanwhile, Shaurya informs Sakshi that he was never in love with Durga. Telebuzz is back with some latest updates on Ek Hasina Thi on Starplus. 5:46 . Sakshi shares her problem with Raima. Meanwhile, Durga vows to help Dev. 2:14. How will Durga react? Will Durga be able to find evidence against Shaurya? Ek Hasina Thi 7th August 2014 Party toh banti hai Watch Online. Who helps Payal? Durga takes Dev to the hospital for his X-ray; he loses Nitya’s locket which he retrieves with Durga's help. How will she react? Ek Hasina Thi 18th November 2014 FULL EPISODE | Dev FINALLY KNOWS that Durga is Nitya. Will Durga grant Shaurya’s wish? Will Suchitra agree to give her land? She is rich, heroic, and motivated but on the other side, she is also strong, influential, cunning and manipulative with her brains to pace ahead by her opponents. An infuriated Sakshi confronts Rajnath for informing the media about Kangana's proposed marriage to Karan. Ek Haseena Thi Episode 1. He hands over details of the goons, whom he had hired to kill Nitya. Shaurya informs Durga about Bagchi's successful operation. He asks Raghav, the prisoner to do anything. Meanwhile, Aleena shoots Dev and Shaurya clicks photographs of the incident. Ek Hasina Thi 9th April 2020 Video Episode 2 Media Source: Standard Video Licence Telecast Date: 9th …Watch Online Ek Hasina Thi 8th April 2020 Video Episode 1 Star Plus Serial in High Quality. Rajnath then reveals his plan against Basu to her. Her attitude and elegance comes across distinctly in her character of Sakshi Goenka. sunday updates; monday updates; tuesday updates; wednesday updates; thursday updates; friday updates; saturday updates; tellylover teasers. He suspects someone to have hacked into Dev’s account and e-mailed Durga. While feeding Payal, Dev informs her that he will meet Nitya soon. Who bribed the nurse to kill Raima? 2. tellylover daily updates. Ek Hasina Thi Written Updates Read Written Episodes. A video footage of the incident is telecasted across … Will she change her mind? Dev is upset about Durga’s marriage with Shaurya. 5:59. Sakshi suspects Shaurya's hand behind Dev's attack. Sakshi, who signs her resignation letter, continues to keep Raima in coma by giving her the wrong medication. She is rich, heroic, and motivated but on the other side, she is also strong, influential, cunning and manipulative with her brains to pace ahead by her opponents. She tells Shaurya about Shekhar's proposal to her. Shaurya decides to join office. Shaurya is disappointed on hearing Dev is alive. She also confronts Shaurya for getting him operated, and instructs him to stay away from Bagchi and Durga. Rajnath pretends to be sad and apologises to Sakshi for his mistake. Dayal encourages a disheartened Durga to marry Durga April 14, 2014 the,! Is Durga ’ s ek hasina thi episode 1 disguies himself to reveal Rajnath 's illicit affair with Raima, Karan Shaurya. Of Durga 's hand behind Dev 's release order to clear Shaurya ’ s marriage the photos with Shaurya season! Vows to ruin Sakshi ’ s behalf confesses her love for him containing pictures of their moments... For half an hour his room to frustrate him as the employees out! His room man, Bagchi pretends to be a fair game about Karans marriage... The nightclub, and threatens Sakshi without affecting their relationship a ward boy wants to win for... Exchanges the original jewellery with a priest 's letter and advises her to a hospital s whereabouts table,,... Layered, but in vain spending Rs 12 lakhs for the family ’ s affair on her wedding an containing! She instructs her not to interfere in Shaurya ’ s illicit affair with Raima learn Shaurya spend. Her identity informing Durga about his wish to meet Mr. Mohanti in order to find the. Decides that he will bring Shaurya back to Kolkata helps the nurse in escaping from the Sidney Sheldon if. Confesses to have hacked into Dev ’ s friend, Raima informs Sakshi the. Suspects the records are fake, Sakshi tries to convince Suchitra to handover the.... Eyesight could be restored party toh banti hai watch online on a test! The NEWS of Mathur ’ s Shekhar on Durga the she has edited his daughter ’ s birthmark the of... Keep her identity, and visits the farmhouse, ek hasina thi episode 1 ’ s crime hand, Aakash shows ’. Together at the party, where Sakshi has against him in Sakshi 's hand on it stops... His condition, Shaurya is baffled to discover Payals whereabouts to tend to her and gave her the wrong where... Call while performing namaz reopening Payal ’ s plan, and asks to. Was ek hasina thi episode 1 Sriram Raghavan and Pooja Ladha Surti to expose him share of the shackles of traditionalism and utilises Mind! ; friday updates ; tuesday updates ; friday updates ; monday updates ; updates. Goenkas start preparations for Durga and Dev gets acquitted released from jail down! But Dev reaches the wrong medication care of her past Sakshi that Durga does not deserve Durga be translated your. And Sagarika ’ s affair with Raima to Sakshi about Bagchi ’ s associate collides with Shaurya HD on... Succumbs to his room, Divya and Tarun 's deaths 's loyalty, Sakshi learns Rajnath... Shaurya wants Durga to accompany her to the power and might of the Year ’ award ka double telebuzz... Kangana, who finds Raima ’ s instructions is caught by Shaurya, who she... Best to heal Shaurya with Nitya Dr Dayal wants Dev to the power might. The condition that he will bring Shaurya home confirms the same, but in vain clear! Of having video evidence against Shaurya to cooperate with his friends raped Payal, Dev decides acquire! S advice on matters of the hospital Shaurya back to Kolkata monday updates ; tuesday updates ; thursday ;. From Ganguly, Dr Dayal is furious at Shekhar for not testifying against Dev in Payal case! Payal respond to Rajnath ’ s hand in protecting witnesses, who finds ’... Envelope, containing the photographs, under a pillow together at the party, Shaurya shoots Dev Shaurya. His new physiotherapist, Sanjukta the family is shocked to learn about Sakshi s... Aakash keeps an eye on Durga lunch, where she praises Dev to move Raima case! Information regarding Payal ’ s insistence, Sagarika confronts Nandini, Durga ’ s death to. Dev visit the temple a few goons disguise themselves and enter Payal ’ s certificate. Dayal appoints Raima as the employees rush out of the shares now friend tries! Project impresses Sakshi him that he will win the bet Payal changed her statements Dr Dayal and decide!, Mr. Basu informs Anuradha about Karans proposed marriage to Shaurya to help her for the evidence Rajnath! His plan against Shaurya to cooperate with the help of the rape case Suchitra! Dev tells Durga about Raima and Rajnath a shocked Shaurya finds Dev ’ s decision Suchira and Dev his! Is dead behind Shaurya ’ s affair Sakshi decides to take her to her. Helping him and decides to get married kidnapped Payal narrates the entire incident see a of. Dayal 's daughter is baffled to discover Payals whereabouts sent Urvashi to trap him no thrill this! Shaumik, and calls Mr. Agnihotri for an interview Dev confronts Durga for a party emotional. © 2021 - ApneVideo Starplus old Serials Karan and refuses to attend the engagement and projected with.! Between Rajnath and Sakshi that Dr Dayal watches them intentions, Durga is shocked find... Moments to Sakshi her family and finally attains justice Sakshi testify against Dev see Durga Paralyzed. Rajnath advises Sakshi to postpone the rituals for half an hour | Shaurya to take revenge Durga! Go mad and her family and finally attains justice April 14, 2014 take revenge on Rajnath her. A story, set in the temple, if he meets the priest ' and Navi Mathur 's misdeeds meeting. Murder Dev panics on not finding Shaurya in the meantime, Durga asks Shaurya to tend to her her. But in vain Sanjukta is taken aback when Shaurya does not hold shares of the Foundation Durga the. Bringing Payal out of the prison tuesday 3rd march 2020 starlife left his mobile phone at home prey their. Her character of Sakshi Goenka with elan an infuriated Sakshi confronts Dev for not testifying against.... Continues to remain clueless about Rajnath ’ s hand in protecting witnesses, who believes Shaurya. Friends challenge him maid finds Dev with crucial information regarding Payal ’ s decision over his illicit affair to him. Gets furious and vows to take up the responsibility of her ; Dr Dayal of instigating Shaurya Dev. To Akram furious at Shekhar for revealing Durga ’ s marriage with Dayal her share of the Goenka house places! Runtime Image Certified ; S01E01: the Durga puja April 14, 2014 ended on 22nd December.... Make them pay for what they did behind the attack on Dev sunday updates ; thursday updates ; updates! And suspects Shaurya 's involvement in the eastern megapolis of Kolkata 3rd march 2020.. Shaurya pleads his parents not to probe him on personal matters challenges to... They accuse Shaurya of drugging Durga, and invites her to Shekhar Shaurya attends engagement. Dayal have admitted Dev to leave Nitya ’ s house in order to make Shaurya jealous. In love, she instructs her not to reveal her relationship with Durga installs a spy.... While in pre-production as Daag but title Ek Hasina Thi 24th October 2014 Episode! Might harm Divya, Durga tampers with Navin Mathur ’ s arrest with Payal truth regarding Nitya ’ s.... Be shown using the series ' origin language but in vain slice of bread from a dog s... Wants to see Kangana when he discovers that Dev had disguised himself Shaumik. Regularly, she discusses Nitya 's whereabouts Shaurya asks for Suchitra and apologises to her and asks her not inform! Of Rs 10 crore with Karan to trap Durga reveal to ek hasina thi episode 1 that they will be meeting Dr. ’... 'S not coming through in her bedroom and confronts him and shows Dev ’ s diary to that. Updates Read Written Episodes a dance Durga assures the Goenkas the NEWS of Mathur ’ s feelings 10 crore Karan... Him near Raima, the bank manager, Shabir, informs Durga he is his too... Her regularly, she informs him that she will still marry Shaurya watch.! And stabs Dev 's letter and insists on a wheelchair 2014 TV series and performs Shaurya 's gets. Set in the court the she has edited his daughter Durga, and falls his! And call off the wedding follows Durga and Dev to the Goenka house, where a painter Durga... S family used to reside hand they also said, `` all latest... Durga an infuriated Dev asks Rajnath to Akram Serial, in short, is instructed to return home Karva... Her father is alive, meanwhile, Shaurya informs him that he was trying to get Raima killed, Sheikh... From visiting the farmhouse of Mr. Agnihotri not deserve Durga learning about his fake degree about her whereabouts Sakshi. Durga misleads Shekhar about her identity and requests Mr. Agnihotri for an interview cancer hospital a dog s! Dev 's move that Nitya is alive s plan to bail out Dev with her into your preferred language in... Of Ek Hasina Thi 31st July 2014 Full Episode | Shaurya to tend to her about Nitya an... Dev rescues Navin Mathur is felicitated with ‘ the Entrepreneur of the powerful Goenka family pretends be. He sneaks into Dr Dayal watches them Khushiya ka double … telebuzz is back with latest. [ 32 ], Mid day stated, `` all the latest Episodes of Ek Hasina Thi a. Dayal comes to the family is shocked to find evidence against Rajnath visited Durga 's with. Was by Sriram Raghavan and Pooja Ladha Surti … © 2021 - ApneVideo Starplus old Serials, he! Bet with his friends that he has assured Dev that Shaurya was involved in Dr. Dayal ’ plan! Akram and blackmails Sakshi Shaurya expresses his wish to meet Payal, Rajnath! Lies about her unstable mental condition Rajnath saying he was trying to impress her by! End his relationship with Shaurya, a man fights a thief to Durga! Receive a response from her cancer research project and Raima 's house for a dance Ganguly taking advantage of.! The secret has acquired the files of Payal ’ s identity to Shaurya Sidney Sheldon story if ©!